About Our Company

Don’t Bully, Inc is a non-profit company that operates as a community organization dedicated to empowering under served kids and communities by delivering anti-bullying and anti-drug educational assembly programs. Don’t Bully, Inc. was born out of the frustration of it’s founder Rod Patterson after he had to repeatedly turn down schools that wanted and needed anti-bullying programming but simply had no funding. After seeing countless news stories about bullying, violence and even students committing suicide in the very school districts he had tried to offer anti-bullying programming to.  Patterson started seeking sponsors to help him with his mission to help get his desperately needed programs to the schools that wanted and needed it.  “It will take a nationwide coalition to end the plague of bullying and violence across our nation” Patterson says. “That’s why Don’t Bully, Inc. was born”.

Bringing, Corporations, Community Leaders, Music Industry, Superintendents  and School Board Members together. The effort is to reach schools and communities that would normally be left out or avoided because of low or poor economic conditions. ” Our goal is to reach and deliver anti-bullying programming to over 1 million students in the upcoming year. If we can stop even just one violent act or a student from committing suicide then it worth every penny and all the effort to reach our goal says Patterson”. Join the Don’t Bully movement today… no donation is to small.

Were Here To Serve You

The Mission of Don’t Bully Inc is to empower under served kids and communities by delivering anti-bullying and anti-drug educational assembly programs.
The Beginning of The End of Bullying!
Our Vision is to help raise youth achievement, install integrity in our youth, improve our school culture, promote Pro-Social Behavior and to stress the importance of Higher Education.
Creating New Pathways For The Future.

Our Valuable Team Members

Rodrick Sir Rod PattersonCEO/Founder
Sir Rod resides in Atlanta, GA. He is the CEO of Sounds of Knowledge,Llc. a school assembly touring company that visits 75 + local and regional schools to deliver positive messages to youth through the medium of music. Sir Rod formerly headed one of the countries largest school assembly companies (Diversity Showcase Assemblies) where he spearheaded efforts that touched more than a million school aged children across the nation.
Donnell Holmes, MCPChief Techncial Officer
Over 15 years experience in Internet Technology. Microsoft Certified Professional & A+ Technician. Managed, supervised and operated a computer network operation center, (NOC) for a major web hosting company in the Atlanta area. Extensive knowledge and experience working directly with non-profit organizations.
James ArmstrongSR. Project Manager
Over 14 years experience in character education programs. tour manager for Diversity Showcase Assemblies in 2000 where he began managing several national tours promoting character education including the truth.com Anti-Tobacco Campaign Tour.
Public Relations ManagerPublic Relations Manager
Over 10 years experience in Public Relations and Event Planning. Has experience working in the entertainment, celebrity galas, corporate events and the non-profit sectors.